You’re over 40, part of the ‘Impact Economy’ and you want to align your online presence with your true self identity with confidence.

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Whether you’re a coach, speaker or freelancer in midlife, you’re a woman pursuing a purpose that impacts others.

You’re likely a beginner content creator and are looking for a helping hand to get your work out there and reach the people you’re able to impact. 

This journey is a lesson in self-love, self-acceptance & self-exploration – to get us all to a place where, IN SPITE of our imperfections, we show up with confidence. This world needs more feminine input, influence and impact, and confidence is the key to helping us women show up with significance and intention.

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Guiding midlife women to create meaningful content

Personal Brand Confidence is a Journey.

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Personality Archetypes

Personality Archetypes form the basis of your inherent identity. 

Your self-identity is the foundation of your authentic personal brand and the source of your meaningful content.

When you know yourself, you’re able to express that with confidence and easily and effortlessly connect with the audience that needs your specific collection of innate qualities, skills and energy through the content you create from your true essence.

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