personal brand archetype quiz

What’s your Archetype?

Personal Brand Confidence comes from knowing yourself, through...

personal brand archetypes

Knowing your personality archetype builds personal brand confidence through...

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Aligning your business brand to the values that fulfil you & bring meaning to your life
  • Improving personal, business and community relationships through increased understanding and empathy
  • Creating opportunities in your business by tapping into your own goldmine of perspectives and abilities that might otherwise have been ignored
  • Providing a mirror that turns self-imposed limitations into empowering pathways for growth
  • Giving you the freedom and permission to create and share products, offerings and content that aligns to your true preference, rather than what “industry experts” tell you to
  • Providing a compass that directs the course of your business journey to lead you to the type of lifestyle you truly desire

… and the benefit of knowing your personal brand archetype I’m most excited about is the confidence it gives you from the very start of your Personal Brand journey! 

Discover your personal brand archetype

It’s like having your very own compass…

Discover your personal brand archetype now...


Personality Archetype Quiz

This quiz is for women or person's who self-identify as women, who want to get their online persona aligned to their inherent self identity.

If you want to do meaningful work and sense that your personal brand is out of alignment, then discovering your inherent identity will help connect you to your core truth. As a result, everything you create and share online will exude your true essence and have a transformative impact on those you reach.

This assessment will help you remember who you really are. Knowing your dominant archetype will help you create content and build a personal brand that feels true, is easy to implement and a joy to express.

This is an extensive assessment and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Please answer carefully and thoughtfully and describe yourself as you are now, the majority of the time, not as you would like to be. Be as honest as possible so that the results are true, meaningful and informative for your personal brand journey going forward.


Include your email address if you'd like to receive your results by email.

Only tick if you do NOT grant permission for your anonymous results to be used for research purposes. This data will be used in anonymised format (name and email address removed) for academic research by Abigail Klopper. If you do NOT want the data you have entered to be part of this research, please click the checkbox.

1. The soul needs a little chaos now and then

2. It's easier to be accountable to others than to myself

3. I challenge people who are offensive

4. I like helping people find each other through matchmaking or networking

5. I break outdated rules and am unconcerned about offending people

6. I do research & gather information without pre-conceived ideas

7. I'm deeply curious about learning & applying universal principles in my life

8. My growth in life is proportional to my spiritual development

9. I develop my strength & resilience so I can protect myself & others

10. I don't like standing out & ensure that everyone is included

11. I like to share connection and relatability with others

12. I’m good at matching projects with people’s capabilities

13. Solving old problems demands radical new solutions

14. Making people laugh is my life’s pleasure

15. I trust my past experience and don't get swayed by pipe dreams

16. I believe in the long run everything is working in my favour

17. I like visible orderliness and quality craftsmanship

18. I’ll risk myself in defence of my beliefs

19. I’m naturally sensual

20. I work hard and know that life isn't always easy

21. I see the silver-linings in situations

22. I believe there is a link between all people and all things in the world

23. I believe there are many valid perspectives in any situation

24. I’d rather have loved and lost than never to have loved at all

25. I feel good when I’m reassuring others

26. I love 'ah-ha' moments that lead to shifts in perception & behaviour

27. I treat rules like friendly suggestions

28. I get fulfilment through my relationships

29. I get over my fears and get on with things

30. I live in the moment and sometimes avoid facing problems

31. I enjoy being disruptive and pushing boundaries

32. It gives me joy to support and help others thrive

33. I believe that people don’t intend for others to suffer

34. I’d rather take on the responsibility & make the decisions

35. I feel love for all people & am comfortable displaying that love

36. I’m happier giving to others than receiving

37. I'm a good person & appreciate simple pleasures so I'll have a good life

38. My dreams, ideas & conversations often spark transformation

39. I actively shape my own life experience & personal expression

40. I remain objective by looking at the big picture.

41. I empathise deeply & understand what others need, sometimes before they do

42. My inner reality impacts my outer reality

43. I have so many ideas and so little time

44. I enjoy spontaneous adventures and new experiences

45. The journey of developing my own personal well-being, helps me help others

46. I actively attempt to turn my dreams into reality

47. When life gets too mundane, I get a little stir-crazy

48. I long for the simple things in life

49. I avoid being alone and excluded at all costs

50. I'll often say and do what others are thinking, but don't 

51. I struggle to say no to others

52. My quest for more information allows me to educate others

53. I seize every day with enthusiasm - people, activities, surroundings, work

54. I’m always seeking out the facts behind the fiction

55. I get along well with most people & like being part of the group

56. I like to develop standardised practices

57. I’ve changed from the person I used to think I was

58. I disappear into my imagination easily

59. Sometimes I experience extreme achievement with absolute ease

60. I believe there is always greener grass somewhere

61. I don't conform to conventions

62. I achieve goals & success through discipline

63. I enjoy making something beautiful out of nothing

64. I am rarely flustered and often socially aloof

65. I want to provide for everyone in all situations

66. It's natural for me to take charge in group situations

67. I like to demonstrate my success

68. I make a difference by who I am as much as by what I do

69. I’m a better person now because of the sacrifices I’ve made for others

70. I inherently trust other people

71. I’m ridding myself of things that are out of alignment for me

72. I follow my bliss and commit 100% to the people & things I love

73. I rely on common sense and recognise pitfalls easily

74. Objectivity is my priority

75. My independence & freedom are my priority

76. I explore new possibilities in search of my ideal life

77. The journey is as important as the destination

78. Humour is a way I communicate difficult truths

79. I’ll challenge any wrong-doing I’m aware of

80. I’m known by others as ‘The fun one!'

81. I aim to be the real me in every situation even if it's socially awkward

82. I’m on a journey of continual self exploration

83. I enjoy bringing serious people out of their shell

84. I feel unsettled & bored when I'm expected to conform