What is a Virtual Photo Shoot?

virtual photo shoot

Lock down, moving to the countryside (and moving country!), Covid-19 – they’ve all had a massive impact on many of our businesses and our ability to continue to create content.

Thanks to technology, a massive amount of curiosity and creativity, and a willingness to experiment, there’s a solution for portrait photographers everywhere and the entrepreneurs who need to keep their online profiles up to date.


What is a virtual photo shoot?


Watch now: Behind the scenes of a virtual photo shoot

In this video we shared…
  • The technical setup of how we can do a virtual photo shoot
  • How I direct my client with her lighting, framing, camera settings and poses
  • The resulting photos of a virtual photo shoot


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Why you would need a virtual photo shoot

Since launching this service in 2020, I’ve had MANY questions about the “How” of the virtual photo shoot, which is why I created the video above. 

I’ve also received a lot f “Why” questions: “Why would I book a virtual photo shoot when I can just take my own photos on my mobile phone?”

And that’s an excellent question…

virtual photo shoot

It’s important to keep your content up to date and fresh.  If your visual content is out-dated, you’ve already lied to your future clients.

Abigail K

Aligned Brand Content Creator

It’s true. You could absolutely update your own photos using your own mobile device. In fact, I’ve got a course that shows you exactly how to do that. Check out the Camera Confidence Course. Phone cameras are getting better and better and quite frankly, they will probably make professional photography gear obsolete one day. 

So with a little know-how and practice, you can definitely create your own photos and I fully encourage you.

The benefits of doing a virtual photo shoot with a professional photographer like me, however, are numerous:

Benefits of doing a virtual photoshoot with a professional photographer

  • Experience: As professionals we have far more photographic experience than the average selfie taker which means we can save you the time, effort and frustration of learning the technicalities of portrait photography.
  • Attention to detail: As professional photographers, we’ve trained our eye to notice the smallest of details that most people wouldn’t see while taking their own photos. We can save you the anguish of disappointing photos by using our beady eyes to make sure there are no distractions in your photos
  • Lighting techniques: Even though you’re likely going to do your photo shoot at home without any professional lighting equipment, a professional photographer can help you find the best light for your portrait. Again, this is something that comes
  • Posing techniques: Again, this comes with experience of photographing many different people over the years. Knowing how to pose different body types to get the best out of people, helps them to feel confident and relaxed in a photo – virtual or otherwise
  • Social distancing: With the current global pandemic, this is a convenient alternative to photo shoots that ensures all social distancing protocols are not required so you’re safe in the comfort of your own home.

What you need for a Virtual Photo Shoot

  • You need a decent internet connection to stream video
  • You need a tripod with a phone bracket. Don’t have tripod? Don’t worry, I’ve got a tripod hack for you! Alternatively, ask a friend or family member to join you for the shoot to hold the phone (and provide you with behind the lens laughs!)
  • You’ll need to do your hair and makeup for the shoot (if that’s important for your images). You can either book a professional, or do your own, or ask that friend or family member to help you!
  • Decide on 2 outfits for the shoot. The shoot duration is 30 minutes long, but factor in an extra 15 minutes to get setup and to change outfits.
  • Decide on the room in your home you want to shoot in. (Hint: it’s the one with the best window light at the time of day you’ve booked your shoot for).
  • Tidy up that room!
  • Have a chair handy for using during the shoot as well as any props or accessories you want to include.
  • Think of where and how you’ll be using these photos – on your website, newsletter, sign up form, online course thumbnail…do you have any specific Call To Action shots you need?
  • You’ll have ALL the unedited photos from the shoot, but you’ll send me your top 5 favourites that I’ll professionally edit for you. Additional edits will be charged separately at R100/$10 each.
  • The image quality is dependent on the camera of YOUR phone, and obviously will not be at the same quality level of a professional DSLR camera.
  • You get my years of experience and training to direct the composition and poses, look for the best lighting, camera angle and framing.

virtual photoshoot

Thanks to technology, virtually anything’s possible. 

Even virtual photo shoots! 

Abigail K

Aligned Brand Content Creator

Do your profile photos need an update?

Book a Virtual Photo Shoot

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